ARMENIA/GERMANY/USA Broadcast Universe Radio special HF broadcast.

ARMENIA/GERMANY/USA   Broadcast Universe Radio special HF broadcast.

On the 30th of September Universe Radio will make a special HF broadcast o celebrate it's 5 years anniversary. We would like to ask if you could publish the transmit date so your members/readers can try and receive our broadcast?



A QSL card will be available.

Universe Radio is a 24hrs/7d internet music station.
We play a mix of old and new hits and mix that with independent music.

The program on the 30th will be a mix of music and "look back" on the last 5 years.

The transmit schedule:

09-13 UT  15230 kHz (CJSC Gavar Armenia site,          100 kW)
10-15 UT   9330 kHz (WBCQ Monticello-ME-USA site,       50 kW)
14-18 UT   6070 kHz (Ingolstadt Rohrbach Germany site, 100 kW)

Met vriendelijke groet,
Michiel Bouwmeester
Wilhelminalaan 51
4872 BW Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
(Michiel Bouwmeester-HOL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)


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